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Innovation by H.M.Rubensperger

Auxiliaries for Dyeing

Rubypon 173

an/n.io.    liquid    1-3 g/l
Anticrease agent for washing, bleaching and dyeing of Cotton and blends, wool, Polyester and Polyamide. Non foaming, silicon free, high alkaline stability, high stability to NaCl.

Rubyquest 129

an.    liquid    1-2g/l
Polymer with high sequestering and dispersing power in washing and bleaching process.

Rubygal C-FTR

anionic, multifunctional dyeing auxiliary with levelling effect for reactive and direct dyes

Rubyquest 130

an.    liquid    0,5-1,5g/l
Recommended for washing, desizing and bleaching. High binding capacity for metals. Supports dissolution of pectines during bleaching process.

Rubysoap BI-F

an.    liquid    1-3 g/l
Bifunctional soaping agent with neutralization function for soaping off reactive dyes.

Rubyfix ECO

kat.    liquid    1-3%
Kat. Fixing agent for direct and reactive dyes. Formaldehyde free. Improves washing, perspiration and water fastness significant. Suitable for exhaust and padding process.