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Innovation by H.M.Rubensperger

Auxiliaries for Pretreatment

Rubywet RP

n.io.    liquid    0,5-1,5 g/l
Non foaming silicon free rapid wetting and dearating agent for pretreatment and washing process of cotton and blends on Jet and Overflow and yarn dyeing machines.

Rubywash JET

n.io.    liquid    0,5-2 g/l
Low foaming silicon free detergent for washing and bleaching of cotton and blends on jet and Overflow.

Rubystab CO

an.    liquid    0,5-2 g/l
Stabilizer for peroxide bleaching on cotton and blends. Low foaming, silicate free. Calcium and iron binding capacity. For discontinues process.

Rubypon 173

an/n.io.    liquid    1-3 g/l
Anticrease agent for washing, bleaching and dyeing of Cotton and blends, wool, Polyester and Polyamide. Non foaming, silicon free, high alkaline stability, high stability to NaCl.

Rubyquest 129

an.    liquid    1-2g/l
Polymer with high sequestering and dispersing power in washing and bleaching process.

Rubyquest 130

an.    liquid    0,5-1,5g/l
Recommended for washing, desizing and bleaching. High binding capacity for metals. Supports dissolution of pectines during bleaching process.

Rubykat O2

liquid    1-3g/l
Enzymatic based formulation for the removal of residual peroxide.